DEEPLINC, INC. supplies innovative deep-water WET-MATEABLE ELECTRIC, OPTIC, and HYBRID ELECTRIC-OPTIC CABLE CONNECTION technology for applications in commercial and military offshore markets. Specific market sectors for our technology include; Offshore Oil & Gas Control systems, Defense Sensor systems, and Defense Communication systems. Large-scale oceanographic systems, Commercial submarine telecom systems, Outboard submarine cable systems, Oil & Gas down-hole, and Oil & Gas high-power submersible pump connections provide additional applications.

These markets have faced performance limitations with other products. These limitations, when combined with a trend toward high reliability, high fiber-count systems, has created a unique opportunity for our high performance wet-mateable connections. DEEPLINC owns the key enabling technology where our patented Global-Link and Composite Connection product designs incorporate a unique separation between the primary connector engagement interface and the individually isolated optic and electric contact interfaces, producing a technological and competitive advantage over other available products on the market. Our baseline Hybrid products are ideally suited to satisfy market demand for contamination prone hybrid optic-electric wet-mateable applications. The DEEPLINC wet-mateable connection further eliminates contact cross-contamination during multiple connector engagements, incorporates robust mechanisms, and sets the standard for reliable wet mate optic and electric connections.

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A New Generation of Underwater Fiber Optic and Electrical Connector Solutions

DEEPLINC’s Experience Includes:

– A small business specializing in the engineering and design of subsea cable systems and terminations, pressure vessels, sensors and connectors

– Extensive experience in Harsh Environment and Underwater Packaging of Fiber Optic and Electrical Components, including material selection,
corrosion compatibility and failure analysis

– Patented Composite Connection System (Fiber Optic/Electrical Connector)

– Product Development, Test and Qualification Services

– Project Management

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DEEPLINC’s Capabilities Include:

A New Generation of Undersea Government & Military Undersea Connectors – Oil & Gas Undersea Connectors – Telecommunication Undersea Connectors – Oceanographic & Scientific Undersea Connectors – Trans-Atlantic/ Pacific Cable Connectors – Underwater Connectors – Underwater Fiber Optic Connectors – Underwater Power Connectors – Underwater Coaxial Connectors – Wet-Mateable Connectors – ROV

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