A New Generation of Connectors

The Next Generation of Underwater Fiber Optic and Power Connector Solutions for challenging environments and applications are here:

4DEEPLINC is on the forefront of bringing the newest fiber optic technologies in undersea connection systems for a variety of distributed system applications. DEEPLINC’s patented undersea connector technology combined with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) telecom products, offers customers an undersea connection system solution unprecedented in the industry today. We offer the means by which to reliably and repeatedly mate and de-mate multi-channels of optical or electrical contacts subsea.

Our innovative connection system solution is designed to allow high volume production and all critical components are manufactured for complete vertical integration. Using our patented dual chamber “Wet-Mate” connector extends operating life and increases the engagement cycle life of the connector from dozens to hundreds of engagement cycles. The multi-fold extension of the connector’s operating life will represent exceptional savings to customers in any undersea application. The connection system can be combined with branching unit assemblies, sensor array assemblies and pressure vessels for any subsea application.

We provide custom-designed and manufactured fiber-optic and electrical cable systems. Our portfolio of product designs extends throughout the telecom, oil and gas sector, offshore renewable industry and defense markets. Our connection systems are engineered and manufactured to stringent standards for operation in the most challenging environments.

DEEPLINC’s Connector Series Includes:

  • DL1100 Miniature E/O Wet-Mate Connector
  • DL2200 Diver Mate E/O Wet-Mate Connector
  • DL3300 Downhole E/O Wet-Mate Connector
  • DL5500 High Fiber Count E/O Wet-Mate Connector
  • DL7700 High Power E/O Wet-Mate Connector

All of our connectors can be configured with any combination or Electrical and/or Fiber Optic contacts. Electrical contacts range from 200 V to 10 kV DC or Higher. Fiber Optic Contacts can be configured for 1 to 18 fibers for a maximum of 144 fibers in one connector.

Our dual oil filled chambered connectors offer 10 fold reliability as compared to similar single oil filled chamber connectors. The simplicity of the mating mechanism of our connectors eliminates engagement or disengagement concerns. Deeplinc connectors have been designed for manufacture. We use standard COTS products which allow us to eliminate custom components, provide plug and play capability for reconfiguration and offer modularity leading to shorter lead times

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