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DEEPLINC provides extensive expertise in the engineering and design of subsea connectors, cable systems, terminations, pressure vessels and sensors. We deliver a new generation of solutions designed for harsh undersea environments including our patented underwater Composite Connection System (Fiber Optic/Electrical Connector) and Underwater Packaging of Fiber Optic and Electrical Components. We Offer Corrosion Compatibility and Failure Analysis. We also offer advanced capabilities in New Product Development, Test/Qualification Services, Project Management and Business Development. Read more

We Provide Undersea Networking Products and Engineering Services.
Our Markets Include Connection Systems for:

  • Government & Military Systems
  • Oil & Gas Undersea Systems
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Oceanographic & Scientific Systems



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A Leader in Underwater Fiber Optic and Power Innovation:

DEEPLINC and AFL have joined forces to combine their respective expertise in order to bring the newest fiber optic technologies in undersea connection systems for a variety of distributed system applications.

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